Friday, August 26, 2016

the first of many

I'm back in my hometown of New Orleans after 4 years of undergrad in Austin and I couldn't be more excited to begin this next chapter! There truly is no place like New Orleans, and I couldn't think of a better place to attend graduate school. To say that time has flown by since starting the program in mid-July would be an understatement. We have already completed two blocks and are well into the third. The work piles up quickly but it is manageable with adequate planning.

The thing is though, I absolutely love it. I loved my time as an undergraduate, don't get me wrong, but the things we have learned so far in this program are so interesting and practical to me from a medical standpoint. I already feel like I have learned so much and it hasn't even been 2 months yet! I can't imagine all the knowledge I'll acquire in a year. Just this past weekend, I visited my friend who is attending medical school in Houston. She was complaining on how stumped she was on her homework and after looking at it, I realized that we've already covered all the material she was in the process of learning. This got me very excited and reassured me that this was a great stepping stone on my path to attend medical school one day.

Now for community service. I have signed up to volunteer at an institution called Sci High (The New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School). Unfortunately, however, the vetting process has not been completed, leaving us unable to begin volunteering there until September. I look forward to volunteering at Sci High, as I have heard wonderful things about the program from past students.

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