Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Time to study for the shelf...

For such a short month, February was very eventful. At the beginning of the month, a devastating tornado touched down in New Orleans East. A group of classmates and I volunteered with the Red Cross to do damage assessment in the area. We split up in pairs and were assigned to specific blocks in the area and assessed each house for damage caused by the storm, recording everything we saw. It was crazy because some of the blocks we went to looked untouched while others were completely destroyed. I'm glad we were able to help in some way. 

In terms of academics, we covered a number of new topics this past month, including psychopharmacology, toxicology, reproductive pharm, and endocrine pharm. We are now finished with principles and med pharm (other than the shelf exam). It's insane that we're already done with these classes, because I feel like we just started the program.

total hours completed: 18 hours 

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